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I have always ‘known’ things since I was a small child and through my school years I was very much an agony aunt to my friends and peers.  In adult life I have found that through using Tarot cards I can use my gift to help others with advice or guidance that is for there highest good.

By having the client shuffle the cards putting there energy on the deck and by asking there Angels, Guides and Loved ones that have passed over to help answer any questions the client may have or messages they may want to pass on, I am able to give a reading.

It is important to understand that a reading will always be for your highest good and there are times when it is not for your highest good to know the answer to your question as the journey is the life lesson. It is also important to know that your choices change your path and that a choice you make after a reading can change your path and there for change what the reading has told you.

I have been reading tarot cards for clients since 2005 and have had some very positive feed back. A reading is always confidential.

After the reading the opportunity to choose 1,2 or 3 Angel cards (from the Doreen Virtue deck shown on this page) is available. Some times the Tarot may not tell the client what he or she wants to know but the Angels may give an answer. Not always though remember all readings are for your Highest Good.

Love and Angelic Light to you x

To book please contact me via my contact page xx


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