Healing for Mind, Body & Soul!

Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced Ray Key. It can be translated to mean universal life force, or universally guided energy.

Reiki is a healing energy that is channeled through the body from the Reiki source and passed on to others through attunements (sacred ceremonies) by a Reiki Master. This has always been the method of training people how to use Reiki.

It is carried out by placing hands on or over a person (who is always clothed) with the intent to channel Reiki.

Reiki is not a conventional form of healing although it is rapidly becoming more popular with itís introduction into hospitals and other therapeutic institutions, but can heal on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Reiki is a non-confrontational form of healing that supports the bodyís natural ability to heal itself.

Anyone can be attuned to Reiki regardless of intellectual ability or spiritual development or religion.  Reiki is not a religion and has been taught successfully to thousands of people of all ages and abilities all over the world.

A Reiki treatment has the characteristics of heat, which can be either hot or cold and it can be felt as far as five inches away. It works in conjunction with all other forms of medical or therapeutic techniques, and shouldnít be used as a substitute to professional medical treatment unless agreed by your Doctor.


How can Reiki help me?

Reiki can help you heal on 4 different levels:

1: Physical. This might mean eradicating an illness completely, or it could simply mean limiting or alleviating the symptoms for a time.  Reiki can speed up the healing process and can also compliment your current medication and orthodox treatments. It has also been know to treat old injuries or illnesses.

2: Emotional. This could allow you to calm any fears and to reach an acceptance of the effects of an illness.  It can help reduce the effects of stress, depression and anxiety. Reiki may also assist in helping you find clarity in your life.

3: Mental (psychological). Reiki could help you understand the lessons being learnt from current situations or illnesses. It can calm and relax your mind as well as body.

4: Spiritual. Reiki may help you to develop a more loving and forgiving relationship with yourself. It may make you calmer minded. Reiki can also be sent to past situations that may need healing

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Your Reiki Experience

Everyone has a different experience, as they may need Reiki for different reasons.

The practitioner will want to know a little bit about you like; your general health, your lifestyle, injuries etc.

You will be asked to take off your shoes for comfort and will either sit in a chair or lie on a therapy couch. You will be asked to remove metal jewelry in case it interrupts the Reiki flow.

The practitioner usually stays quiet during a treatment, which usually lasts for about an hour. This is so you can relax and allow the gentle power of Reiki flow into your being. However, as you relax you may want to ask questions, you may feel sudden emotions and giggle, laugh or even cry.  These are normal reactions. Many people fall asleep.

You may feel heat or cold or tingling in the area the practitioner is touching that's the Reiki energy (donít worry if you donít feel anything this is normal too).

At the end of a treatment you may feel the stress and tension leaving and a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.


Usually a client will need 3-5 treatments to start seeing or feeling the effects, depending on whether your condition is acute or chronic. Some people enjoy a regular treatment for relaxation and well-being.


Reiki for children & babies

Children are people too and love to experience the sensation of the healing energy while feeling better at the same time.

Reiki sessions with babies and children take much less time than with adults as the Reiki is absorbed into the system much quicker.

I have a lot of experience in treating children and babies and it is totally safe. Once a child has had enough they will move away or get distracted.



Reiki can help a hormone driven teen calm and find peace.  It can de-stress and relax them.

Reiki is also a good method of calming exam nerves and alleviating the feeling of being under pressure from teachers, parents and friends.


Pregnancy & Birth

Reiki can during pregnancy and birth bless mothers and their babies with universal love and healing.

Reiki can help an expectant mother in many ways, it can help reduce nausea and exhaustion, it can bring relief to every part of a stretched and aching body, it can help calm the fear of the unknown and will sooth a woman who feels invaded and impatient to give birth.

Reiki can make the baby wriggle with pleasure in the womb and can also have a calming-effect.

Reiki can help ease labor pains during labor and help create a peaceful atmosphere for the baby to be born into.

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