3rd Degree

Healing for Mind, Body & Soul!

Reiki 3rd Degree

Becoming a Reiki Sensai / Master

Reiki 3 is the Master level.

This level is all about mastering yourself, and living your life according to the Reiki ideals.


Once you have mastered these you are ready to become a master and pass Reiki onto others as your master has onto you.


What the Masters Training Involves:

This is a 6 month apprenticeship*.

We meet up every other week during the 6 months for training and support. You will be expected to sit in and assist in Reiki 1 & 2 courses as part of your apprenticeship.

Final attunement and qualification are only given once you have reached a satisfactory level and have reached the masters standard*.

The course cost is 1000* / €1170* which is payable in installments if required.

To book please contact me via my contact page.

Reiki is an amazing journey for yourself as it benefits you and other people.

I hope to be a part of this journey.

Love and Light.

 *final attunement and qualification is only presented once full payment has been received.

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