1st Degree

Healing for Mind, Body & Soul!

Reiki First Degree Training

There are four attunements carried out in the First Degree, and it is often after the first of these that people feel an unknown sensation in their hands and feet. This is the Reiki energy coming through.

Sometimes the Reiki attunements prompts people to shed tears or giggle or yawn, sometimes they feel slightly spaced out, and sometimes it makes no desirable difference.  The latter is often the case if the student has already been introduced to energy/vibrational healing.

However you respond, it is a joyous experience and frequently a deeply moving and spiritual one. There is no right or wrong way to feel or react after an attunements!

It is said that Reiki is a remembering, rather than an acquiring of anything new.

This feeling of being completely at one with or a home during an attunements is sometimes accompanied by seeing colours, or images of people or beautiful landscapes.


Reiki 1 is a 2 day course that costs 110/€130.

This includes full colour manual, Certificate, Crystal and all course contents.  The course is completely confidential and starts with a guided meditation to meet your Reiki spiritual guides.

Course Contents

What is Reiki?

The History of Reiki.  Meet the Reiki Grand Masters

The history continues

New information about Reiki

Ancient Origins of Reiki

Reiki Ethics

The many Reiki schools

Is Reiki a religion?

Reiki is a gift with many benefits

Chakra wheels of light, wheels of life

The major chakras

Reiki First Degree Training

21-Day Cleanse

Hand Positions Self Treatment

Hand Positions on the Front of the Body

Hand Positions on the back of the body

Reiki for children

Children can channel healing energy of their own


Other uses

Reiki treatment after care

Energy exchange

Follow up treatment


Moving on


The course is broken down into 2 days (10am-6pm).  The first day starts with a meet and greet/getting to know each other and a guided meditation to find your Reiki spiritual guide. Then the day commences with theory in the morning and the first attunement. Practical in the afternoon with 2nd attunement.  Day two starts with a discussion on how your previous nights homework went followed by a guided meditation to meet your Reiki guide. Then the day commences with practical, theory & practice with the third attunement in the morning and the fourth and last attunement last thing in the afternoon.

Continued support is provided after the course has completed, plus there will be the option to attend a Reiki share group with other Reiki practitioners once a month.

To Book a place on a course please contact me via my contact page.

I look forward to starting this amazing journey with you.

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